Train Dogs for Playing Well

Dogs naturally learn how to socialize by playing with other dogs. A very small dog does not know if he can hurt another dog with his teeth. They learn by playing. When a dog is too hard to bite another dog, then a bitten dog will bark small and stop playing. In this way, the dog learns to control the bite. Discover 4 quick and easy ways on how to potty train a puppy by visiting our website.

Prevent dogs from biting you. Play with your dog just like any other dog does by tickling him and pretending to fight until he begins to bite you. When he bit your hand, take out a small, high-pitched scream just like any other dog does. Warm your hands and stop playing. Your dog will learn that when it bites, it gets no more attention.

Your dog will probably try to improve his attitude by rubbing and licking your hands. Praise him with a sweet voice and give him a snack and continue playing with him. He will learn that playing well will be rewarded. Never hit a dog so he feels ill. Using a corporal punishment for a dog will only scare you.

Dogs love to use their teeth and they should be taught that human skin is not to be bitten. Give dogs a safe toy to bite dogs during play time. When the dog begins to bite your skin, give a toy that can be bitten in his mouth. This will teach you how to bite the toy instead of your hand. Do the same thing if the dog bites the heel and ankle while you are walking. Stop walking and give him a toy that can be bitten. If you do not hold the toy, you just stop. When he starts playing well, compliment. If he takes one of your possessions, divert his attention and exchange it with one of his toys.