Characteristics of Online Journalism: Excellence

Characteristics of online journalism as well as its advantages put forward James C. Foust in the book Online Journalism. Principles and Practices of News for The Web (Holcomb Hathaway Publishers, 2005). Audience Control. Full readers. Online journalism such as allows readers (users/visitors) freely in choosing the desired news. They can move quickly from one news to another or from one news portal to another. Nonlinearity. Online journalism allows any news delivered to stand on its own so that readers do not have to read sequentially. Readers can get started with the latest news, can even start with the news posted a year or two ago.

Storage and retrieval. Online journalism makes it easy to store, archive, or documented and read back readily by readers. Unlimited Space. Space without borders. Online journalism is relatively without any limit on the amount of news or information to be published, nor is it the relatively unlimited number of letters and words/sentences. Unlike print media which is limited by column/page or radio/television which is limited by duration (time). Immediacy. Immediate, speed. Online journalism enables information to be presented quickly and directly to readers. The Internet is the fastest medium to disseminate information.