Your Teeth Yellow? Clean With Bleaching

Teeth and Mouth are one of the important assets in the Human Body. But not infrequently dental and oral health often disturbed so it can cause pain and can interfere with the aesthetic appearance of a person. For those of you who have a tooth problem, or want to do a routine checkup, you can visit

– Yellow teeth
If our teeth are yellow, certainly not confident is not it? The smile looks, sweet and charming when our teeth clean and white. Yellow teeth plus dirt that thickened so as to cause an unpleasant odour. Some of the causes of yellow teeth are too much coffee or tea and bad habits.

In addition, the remnants of food that is not immediately cleaned will become a favourite place of bacterial attachment. If left unchecked the bacteria will metabolise produce acid and will continue to grow attached to the tooth surface to form plaque. This plaque contains bacteria that over time will mature and turn into yellow. If, the plaque continues to be left will cause cavities. Bleaching is one of the solutions of discoloration on the teeth. This technique is used to whiten teeth or remove stains.