Comment and Delete Comments on Instagram

There are a lot of photo apps out there, but there’s one app that’s the master of all those apps: Instagram. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this app is a simple and accessible comment system. This app allows anyone to comment and like your photos. But sometimes, irreverent comments may arise. Follow these guidelines to add comments on your favourite photos, also deletes comments on photos you do not like. In addition, you can also buy instagram comments.

– Commented Using an App

Make sure you log into your Instagram account. When you open the Instagram app, you will go to your Feed. You can comment on your own photos or other photos of other users you follow. Touch the photo to open it. The Comment button is located underneath the photo, next to the “Like” button. This opens the comment interface. Your keyboard will open and you can start typing your comments. Once you are satisfied with your comment, touch the green Send button. Your comment will be added to the comment list.

– Removing Comments Using the Application

Look for photos you’ve commented on. You can delete your comments on someone else’s images or someone else’s comments on your picture. Then a red dump icon will appear to the right of the comment. Touch the trash can icon to delete the comment. If the comment is spammy or offensive, you can report and delete the comment. This is useful if disgusting people keep commenting on your images. Press “Delete & Report Abuse” to report the comment. Conversely, if you prefer to delete it, just hit “Delete” instead.

To go to other user profiles in Instagram Web Profile simply by changing your username in the address line to their username. You can also follow new users this way. You can also click the username on your comment page to go directly to their page.