Overcome Irregular Menstruation with Manggata

There are some problems that are often experienced by women when having their menstruation. Fortunately, now there are medicines that can help women overcome the problems like the medicines made from manggata grass like the one you can check out on http://www.somanindonesia.co.id/produk/khasiat-soman, for example.

Researchers have conducted a series of experiments to find out why these rhizomes of manggat grass are widely used by people in different regions of the world to cope with irregular lunar problems. They tried the effect of vaporized oil (essential oil) from this grass given by injection (sub-cutaneous injection) in the vaginal area of female rats.

From the experiment, some results are obtained that it turns out this evaporated oil has an esterogenic effect (medium). The compound from the most vaporous oil which gives the efficacy is cyperene I. This compound is believed to be a proesterogenic compound which exhibits high bioavailability after biotransformation. These esterogenic effects are believed to be an important basis for the use of medicated grasses to treat irregular menstrual problems in women.