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Semi-annual visits to the dentist can support your overall health. Because if an infection occurs in the mouth and teeth, it is not impossible to spread to other organs. The bacterial infection occurs through blood where there is wound to the gums or thinning of tooth enamel which then results in dentin thinning, penetrating the pulp, to the blood vessels. Hence, a visit to the dentist Strathcona Dental Clinic twice a year is strongly recommended. For more information and determine what treatments you can get for your oral and dental health, visit the website www.strathconadental.ca/. Like the recommendation of Strathcona Dental Clinic. It is also important to brush your teeth and tongue at least twice a day. Do not forget to also clean the sidelines of teeth with dental floss. Research shows the infection in the mouth can be carried through the bloodstream, through the body’s immune organs and immune system. Now you know why taking care of your teeth and mouth is important. Beware, the following teeth and mouth issues;

Tooth decay, this can be caused by excessive sugar consumption, coupled with poor oral hygiene. Foods and drinks with high acidity levels can also cause dental erosion. If cavities are cavities, immediately patch before it’s too late. If you let, the hole can enlarge to disturb the nerves causing you can not eat. According to Dr. Michael Rouhi, a Toronto dentist, 90 percent of bad breath caused by bacteria in the mouth. The more such bacteria, the worse your halitosis. To avoid it easily, the recipe is the same. Toothbrush regularly, clean the tongue, and between the teeth.